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The Price of Sentiment

Classic Car Restoration Considerations

What if your first family car was a Red Volkswagen Beetle from the ’70s? Imagine yourself inside as it is running along the city, with your father in the driver seat, mom in the passenger’s seat, while you and your annoying little brother are in the back enjoying the ice cream you just bought from the local Deli. If life could just stop. Unfortunately, life goes on. Unless your car has undergone a classic car restoration.

Fast forward a couple of years, you now have a happy family of your own and you are the proud honor of one of those environmentally friendly eco-boxes. As you’re cruising along the interstate highway, you notice a shiny red gleam from the corner of your eye. You look at the source of this light and find that it’s a wonderfully restored red 70s Volkswagen, kind of the same one your father had. Your heart ached a little bit and you remember your father’s old car. Now, what would it take to restore it?

Restoring cars is a very serious project. It takes a lot of time and effort and it may be hard to find the parts needed to have it up and running. You could take time out of your day to find the parts and restore them yourself, but there isn’t a lot of DIY guides out there catering to your specific classic vehicle. So why not find a classic car restoration company that can do it for you?

Looking for the right company can also be tedious though, as most will promise 5-star jobs, but in reality, are just amateurs in the business. So you should go with a company that has years of experience with restoring classic vehicles and Detail Plus (mobile auto detailing and restorations) is more than capable to cater to all of your classic car restoration needs. You can contact us at (813) 426-4333 and we’ll be more than happy to have that classic car in Brandon, FL run like new!

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