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How to Be Better Prepared to Start a Restoration Project?

Complete Car Restoration Tips for Beginners

Be prepared to learn
Complete car restoration on a classic does involve multiple processes, some of which you may be well versed in already, while others may come as a surprise. Apart from good spannering, and how much of the restoration you are going to take on, you will also need to develop skills in the likes of painting, welding, bodywork, electrics, and even upholstery. You could pick up these skills from friends, family or even fellow club members, however, don’t discount learning from the professionals. Most colleges around the country will have either night classes or full-time courses. And learning how to do a job correctly means you will do it right the first time around.

Love your tools
When you do not possess a comprehensive toolkit, once you begin restoring a classic car you soon will. So if you are contemplating a restoration, you will need a good set of hand tools, such as hammers, socket set, spanners, screwdrivers, etc. when you are going shopping, buy the very best you can, as you will get the most out of them, so buying cheap is a false economy.

Low-quality tools do slow you down. And this is because they break easily or simply do not work as they should. Once you have your basic hand tools, you will want to add a few more power tools. A good angle grinder is important, especially when it comes to stripping down a rusty body. A quality power drill and even a decent capacity MIG welder should be on your list of essential tools.

Enjoy minor victories
The old hands will tell you to approach your restoration process in a sensible and a methodical way. This is so you do not have to do a job twice. And, restored components can be damaged easily when they are stored. For example, the best place for re-trimmed seats is still inside your car, and not sitting in the rafters of your garage.

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