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The Meticulous Car Detailing Service for Your RV!

Car detailing service in Brandon, FL

Car detailing service in Brandon, FL

An RV is meant to be the epitome of homey comfort on wheels. This is why it is extremely important to keep it clean! You don’t want to spend a week-long trip inside a dusty or muddy RV. This is why you should invest in a professional car detailing service! If you live in Brandon, FL or one of the surrounding areas, then Detail Plus (mobile auto detailing and restorations) is the company to call! Our shop opened its doors to the public back in 1994. We have since then been providing our community with masterful RV detailing at reasonable prices.


If you are planning a trip or any type of getaway involving your RV, a well-rendered car detailing service could be just what the doctor ordered. Since you will be spending a lot of time inside this vehicle, you ought to have a professional make sure that it’s thoroughly clean inside and out. Our detailing service includes the washing and waxing of the exterior of your RV, and the deep cleaning of its insides as well. We will meticulously clean your dashboard, carpeting, upholstery, and seats, leaving only cleanliness and a fresh scent behind. We can even remove tough stains and odors. Without the dust and dirt, you can safely spend time and sleep in your RV without fear of these allergens causing respiratory distress.


Detail Plus (mobile auto detailing and restorations) offers mobile services as well for your optimal convenience. This means that you can save some time by calling us to your location rather than bringing your RV to our shop. By investing well in the proper detailing equipment and implements, we have made sure that we have everything we need in order to provide you with a professional service. Our team is experienced and fully-trained to perform every step of the detailing procedure without mistakes. The cleaning agents and waxes we use are of a very high quality and produce excellent results.

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For a pristine car detailing service in Brandon, FL, contact Detail Plus (mobile auto detailing and restorations) at (813) 426-4333 and book an appointment! Call now for a free estimate and any additional information you require!

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